Consigned Inventory

At SK AeroSafety Group, we understand the multifaceted needs of our customers when it comes to managing their inventory of active and surplus components. Our Consigned Inventory service is designed to provide a comprehensive solution that meets the specific requirements of our clients while offering the flexibility and reliability they need to ensure operational efficiency.

With our global facilities strategically located around the world, we are proud to offer the capability to manage consigned inventory at a location that suits the unique needs of our customers. Whether it’s active components that require careful management or surplus inventory that needs efficient disposition, our array of services is tailored to meet the diverse inventory management needs of our clients.

Our “Inspect & Hold” service is a testament to our commitment to providing flexible and responsive inventory management solutions. We receive and hold your components, carrying out thorough inspections and providing servicing costs, and hold them until you have a specific requirement. This service offers the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your components are in safe hands and can be made available promptly when needed.

Additionally, our Consigned Serviceable Stock service offers the advantage of holding components that are ready to go, utilising our strategic stocking locations. This enables our customers to have access to serviceable stock precisely when they need it, ensuring that operational requirements are met with precision and reliability.

At SK AeroSafety Group, our dedication to managing consigned inventory goes beyond conventional inventory management. We are committed to delivering tailored solutions that provide our clients with the flexibility, reassurance, and operational readiness they need to thrive in the aviation industry. With SK AeroSafety Group’s Consigned Inventory service, you can trust that your inventory is in capable hands, backed by our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.