February 2023 Employee of the Month Award

SK AeroSafety Group Employee of the Month - February 2023

At the SK AeroSafety Group our company ethos and unique culture is shaped by our hard-working, fastidious and dedicated team across the globe.

To reward the daily contributions and exceptional effort of our global team to overcome our business challenges, we recently launched an employee of the Month Programme.

There were many nominations from all facets of the business for our inaugural employee of the month programme – the decision process was certainly a difficult one to make!

Our 13 nominees were:

1. Nate Brannon (SAV) – went above and beyond his usual role as a Technician, pitching in to help with the Stores/Admin when they were without a CSR/Store person for several weeks. Nate helped to keep operations running seamlessly, helping the SAV team get things done.

2. Rachel Breedlove (IND) – stepped up and traveled to SAV to help cover Stores and S/R for 2 weeks when the team was very lean and trained the existing team to cover until they could find extra help.

3. Laura Kangiser (DAL) – has helped to keep operations smooth and efficient through employee turnover and process revisions by training new teammates.

4. Lamont Lewis (ATL) – Always willing to help others, dependable and knowledgeable.

5. Sommer Murdaugh (SAV) – pushed out rafts by herself while her team were covering other departments, ensuring that the SAV team made their numbers in February.

6. Courtney Parks (HOU) – traveled to IND numerous times to train new employees in person, or on calls to help whenever he is needed. He shows exceptional teamwork across the organization.

7. Jahmeira Ruffin (ATL) – maintains a workload of 2-3 people without ever complaining – she covers Customer Service, Admin and Stores every day to make sure this shop runs smoothly.

8. Lisa Schlagel (IND) – steps up when the team has been extremely lean and continues to motivate and lead by example during tough times. She comes in on weekends, without complaint to make sure we get the work done with limited staff.

9. Regina Shafer (IND) – has been the constant on the Raft team and does most of the work on her own. She has stayed through constant turnover and comes in on weekends to get the work done. She is loyal and very hardworking.

10. Jennifer Thomas (HOU) – takes on more herself than most teams combined. She is responsible for inter-company sales, supports the purchasing team, the stores team, and all US facilities by assisting with parts transfers. Her efforts directly impact and have a positive effect on the bottom line across the entire organization. Jennifer is always someone you can count on.

11. Frank Tith (DAL) – provides excellent support to the CSR team, keeping us informed about where things are in process. He’s polite, a pleasure to work with and he makes our job easier.

12. Guy Wallace (HOU) – if anyone needs anything or has a question on a bottle, Guy has the answer.

13. Greg Williams (ATL) – gets the job done with no complaining, stays late, comes in early, always has a smile on his face.

The Winner of the February Employee of the Month award is Jennifer Thomas, for not only her commitment to her role, but going above and beyond it for the benefit of the company and her co-workers. Jennifer stepped up to assist in purchasing, stores and other areas when needed without complaint. Jennifer has been a tremendous asset to every facility, and truly embodies the core values of the company.

Congratulations to Jennifer and all the nominees for their recognition.