SafeTech – Problem solving through product development and approval

In late 2016, it was brought to the attention of the SafeTech Quality and development team, that  one of their customers had several evacuation slides in for service. However these had cylinders that had reached, or were about to reach, their life limit of 24 years.

The shop contacted the OEM for a cylinder replacement quote but due to the ageing of the equipment, they were unable to supply any replacements, potentially making the slide non-repairable and with almost no replacement or surplus slides available, the possibility of imminent grounding of their aircraft.

After exhausting all options for alternate cylinders as listed in the CMM and the OEM unable to supply the cylinder, the SafeTech team contacted the OEM to request engineering drawings. Consulting with the OEM, a new source of cylinder was identified and engaged in the development of a replacement cylinder.

SafeTech invested in the development, tooling and production of the cylinder and were passed to the OEM for testing and acceptance. The cylinder was accepted and inserted into the latest revision of the CMM.

The cylinders were successfully fitted to the evacuation slides, the overhauls completed and are on board the customers aircraft today.

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